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Welcome to Katys Virtual Food Truck. Meal Delivery to Lower Baldwin County

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We Will Cook for You

We we now have the honor of making the whole week of meals delivered to your doorstep.        With the the time today moving so fast in society,work and family our crew wants to make your meal time enjoyable hassle free and delicious.   Katys Virtual Food Truck in Perdido key.  Meal delivery in Orange Beach  We we shop for the ingredients have the utmost respect for all our local producers to bring the best to our kitchen and then straight onto your fork.          Join us in a dinner by ordering today it will save you time and allow you more time to relax with a scrumptious meal of your choice!

Secret Stash of Ingredients

shhh!      If you've found this section it's because you are destined to save about ten hours a week if not more just by not having to clip coupons, grab those grocery carts, drive to the store and not to mention load unload etc. etc..  We will shop, cook and deliver for you.    It's like a genie you found asking for more time!          Why are we so different?   Because not everyone in a household likes the same   style of food so we offer a regular menu for those in the family who will eat local foods but Tex Mex style!         Just call we have a variety of strong choices for those healthy meal days and some great meals for cheat days.    We set the bar and your health is number one in mind when choosing from our exclusive list of local food producers.        You pick the meal plan, choose the dishes, pay at the checkout and your virtual food truck will magically appear on delivery day.    Just call us we love to talk about this!

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